International Organizations and Local Government Support

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UN Programs CAR

UN Programs Congo

UNICEF contributions – Guinea-Bissau

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Congo Republic Government Funding

Ministry of Education:

Ministry of Agriculture:



Ministry of Agriculture In-kind Contribution

Presently, IPHD/Congo produces enough corn for school lunches and a surplus for local markets.

Other Congo contributions:

In addition to the above IPHD produces corn, manioc, some soybeans and potatoes for school lunches.   

A rice farm will be under cultivation in 2016.

Production of beans will be increased but this depends on finding quality seed.  As in many African countries there is a great need for a seed germination project.  Currently, IPHD has to buy seed outside of Congo.

In addition to the above  funding, parent/teacher and other community groups provide fuel, over 1,200 cooks, local vegetables, fruits, salt, sugar valued at well over one million dollars annually.  All food is prepared at and eaten in the school.  There are no take-home foods.