IPHD opened a program in Romania in 1992 and in 1993 USDA approved its first  IPHD Food Aid Program for Romania.  Following which three other agreements were signed.  Between 1993 and 2002,  IPHD received 7,040 metric tons of U.S. food commodities valued at $7,388,300.  Most of the commodities were in the form of milk powder, butter, and butter oil.  Part of each commodity agreement allowed for monetization so that the commodities monetized brought an extra program value  of $6.5 million with the proceeds going for project activities and the cost of food distribution to schools and health facilities.  Along with the value of commodities,  ocean freight costs were over $3 million.


Monetization proceeds were spent on Caritas Romania projects such as the following: a gypsy nursery and kindergarten, a home for Downs Syndrome children, a home for HIV/AIDS children, a girls training center in Campulung, equipping of a Salesian Training Center in Constanza, a nutrition/health education program, medicine purchases for Caritas Pharmacy for the Poor, loans to women for farming and handicraft activities, and many other projects.  In addition, food commodities were distributed to 105 schools and 108 health centers and hospitals throughout the country.  The last food aid agreement was signed in 2002 and successfully  operated to 2005.


Some of the Caritas staff became very experienced in the food aid operations by 2001,.  They were also bilingual in English and French, and were hired by IPHD to fill posts in Africa.