IPHD has as one of its basic objectives to promote and assist the formation of local private sector structures and organizations that serve the common good and that are freely constituted to express the aspirations of the people they serve.  IPHD also promoted the concepts of networking and collaboration with local private sector partners.  As a result, in 90 percent of its programs, IPHD works with private sector NGOs in planning, implementing and carrying out its activities.  Prior to opening a program or project in a country, IPHD does a country assessment which includes identifying a local partner it can work with in carrying out the program/project.  An assessment is made of the potential partner’s management experience working in the field of development or humanitarian aid that IPHD will undertake its relationship with other organizations and donors, its resource base, and importantly, if it has an agreement with the local government for duty-free entry of foods, medicines, medical equipment, tools, and other items necessary for development and humanitarian activities.


Since 1984, IPHD has worked with local NGOs such as these:


    * DESMI (Socio-Economic Development of the Mexican Indian

    * Caritas/Mexico

    * Medical Foundation of Moldova

    * Caritas Moldova

    * AMIC (Associacao dos Amigos da Crianca), Guinea-Bissau

    * OCPH (Organisation Catholique pour la Promotion Humaine), Republic of Guinea.

    * Salesian Catholic Order

    * Caritas/Central African Republic

    * Caritas/Congo Republic

    * Caritas/Equatorial Guinea

    * And many other local groups, often through partnerships with the largest partners such as those above.


IPHD has also entered into partnerships with donors such as:


    * Medical Missionaries in Manassas, Virginia,

    * UNICEF

    * WFP

    * UNHCR

    * Chevron,

    * USAID,

    * Mobil Oil (Equatorial Guinea)

    * Fuller Center (Congo),

    * U.S. Potato Board, Haliburton (Congo),

    * Global Food & Nutrition

    * Tufts University

    * U.S. Navy

    * Government of the Republic of Congo


and many other partners.