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IPHD seeks grants, individual contributions and also donations in-kind.  Of its annual program value, over 90 cents of each dollar or dollar value is contributed directly  to the poor.  Few non-profit, non-governmental agencies can make this claim.  You can help by contributing or pledging any amount of money.  Donated medicines, medical equipment and farm equipment are also welcomed.

Donations can be done directly with the Donation module from the left side of this page.

In the Central African Republic, located in the heart of Africa, one out of every two children is malnourished.  Some so severely as the child in the photo above.  We need help to feed these children so that they can recuperate and have a normal childhood. Moreover, over 50 percent of the children do not attend elementary school, and many thousands work in the diamond and gold fields, on farms, or as beggars on the streets of towns and cities for adults who exploit them,  IPHD is responding to the needs of these children, both malnourished and exploited.  Please help us respond to these suffering children.